Pema Rinzin is a world-renowned master Tibetan thangka painter and contemporary artist. Since completing a traditional period of study with Kalsang Oshoe, his work has been exhibited internationally and is held in numerous public and private collections, most notably by H.H. the Dalai Lama, the Rubin Museum of Art and the Shoko-ji Cultural Research Institute.  Pema Rinzin’s depth of knowledge and personal mastery of Himalayan art- with its rarely practiced preparation and application of traditional stone ground pigments- is widely recognized by institutions and individual scholars as a rare and exceptional set of skills.  Rinzin is also regarded as one of the world’s experts on the individual historical masters of Himalayan art.  His unique expertise as an artist and art historian make him a valued educator and lecturer on all aspects of traditional Tibetan art, which he has shared with numerous institutions.  In addition to completing many major commissions and permanent installations, including a sixteen painting cycle for the Shoko-ji Cultural Research Institute in Japan, Pema has maintained an extensive teaching schedule with all levels of students to further the practice, as well as promote the preservation and appreciation of traditional Tibetan art for future generations.

Mr. Rinzin now sees it as his personal challenge to introduce this art and its gifts to art schools and universities around the United States.  He is dedicated to teaching both the practice and appreciation of Tibetan art, through its discipline and techniques, which can offer great benefit and new skills to all students of art.  During his years of travel and study, Mr. Rinzin has developed a distinctive ability to communicate the depth of these practices and provide an entirely unique artistic experience to his students.  In 2007, Mr. Rinzin founded the New York Tibetan Art Studio, the only institute in the Western Hemisphere dedicated to teaching and preserving Tibetan art.  Pema serves as President of the Institute. He is also currently at work on a series of contemporary paintings.  In addition, Mr. Rinzin is writing a book on the history of individual Tibetan master artists.